Cemetery of Russian POWs

In March, 1904, when the Russo-Japanese War broke out, Matsuyama was chosen to be the nation's first POW Concentration Camp Site for Russian soldiers. The prisoners were poured in the city as the war continued, and the City Public Hall and temples are used as temporary camp sites. They unexpectedly received kind treatment here, and were even allowed to go out the camp. They were able to visit the theater, bathe in the Dogo Hot Spring, and go swimming. In June, the same year, 25 buildings were newly built as hospitals for them in the Johoku Military Training Field, and they were treated there. Unfortunately, 98 prisoners, including the commander, , passed away from their injury or illness, keeping their nostalgia for their home country to themselves. After their funerals, they were buried in Mt. Bentenzan (at Bunkyocho). Later the cemetery was moved here. Matsuyama City holds a memorial service every year and the participants pray for the repose of their souls. There are also the tombs of the unknown American sailors and German navy men from the WWand , together lying beside the Russians Soldiers.

"Cherry blossoms

broom beside

the good sons at rest."

Haiku Poet, Futami Hatano