King's English School KUMANODAI's
Time Machine MATSUYAMA
Entry Project for The 1999 International Schools Cyber Fair

Special Thanks
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Our project has been supported and sponsored by following people and companies:

Our Sponsors

Mr.Bunji Matsushita - Founder of King's English School

Mr.Hisashi Ninomiya - CEO for VANGUARD Co.,LTD.

Mrs.Mitsuru Kamikubota - Student of KUMANODAI Class

Ms.Yayomi Miya Higaki - Student of KUMANODAI Class

Ms.Mika Fujiwara - Student of KUMANODAI Class

Ms. Shiho Hiraishi - Student of KUMANODAI Class

Ms.Mihoko Tamanoi - Mother of Our Student of KUMANODAI Class

Mr.Toshiaki Ono - Brother-in-law of Director Masaki Seike


Our Helpers and Associates

Mr.Yasuhiko Shiraishi - Potter of Tobe-yaki in Tobe Town

Matsuyama Youth Hostel and People we met there

Mr.Hideaki Miyamoto -Data Control Dept. of Ehime Shinbun Newspaper Co.

Mr.Sumihiro Kyakuno - Writer and Ex-editor of Ehime Shinbun Newspaper Co.

Mr.Mitsunori Tsuji - Assistant section chief of Commerce and Industry Development Dept. of Tobe Town

Myojo Printing Co.,LTD.

Ms.Shiho Tamanoi - Student of KUMANODAI Class

Ms.Hiroko Omori - Student of KUMANODAI Class

We can not work without your all help. Thank you.

Domo Arigato.

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