The Constitution of
Imabari Jazz Association
(Name) Article 01
This Association is to be called Imabari Jazz Association.
(Office) Article 02
The Main office of this Association is located in the address Hirokouji 1-1-1 Imabari City Ehime Prefecture Japan.

(Purpose) Article 03
The purpose of the Association is to produce citizen's mutual exchage through Jazz and Music, and also with international artists and fans.

(Enterprise) Article 04
The Association has the following enterprises.
P @Producing concerts of Jazz and Music for citizens
Q @Mutual exchange with artists domestic and abroad
R @Promoting international exchange through Jazz and Music
S @Planning Annual concert at Imabari Sea Castle or replacing hall
T @Planning other necessary enterprises for the Association

(Membership) Article 05
The Association has two kinds of membership as follows
P @Individual member who agrees the aim of the Association @
Q @Special member who helps enterprises of the Association
(Annual fee) Article 06
Annual fee is 1000 yen for each individual member. And the budget is to be used for communications like as postage etc. Members should get prepaid ticket for concert by themselves each time.

(Members of committee) Araticle 07
The Association has 5 members of committee as follows.
Chairman(1) Vice-chairman(2) and Judge of budget(2)
(Election) Article 08
Members of committee are to be elected in the general assembly with the term of 2 year activity and could be elected again.
(General Assembly) Article 09
The general assembly is to be held regularly once a year. If it be needed, the supplementary assembly could be held by the request of the chairman or over half of members. The decision of the general assembly is to be adapted by the over half of members who are attendant.
(Budget and report) Article 10
The budget of the Association is to be adapted in the general assembly held at the top of the year. And the financial balance should be reported to the general assembly after the end of financial year.
(Judgement) Article 11
Judges are ought to check the budget and balancing sheet once a year and report to the general assembly.
(Term of budget) Article 12
The official term of the budget starts in the 1st of April and ends in the 31st of March every year.

(Constituted in March 1 2000)