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April 26

Mr.Shirou Hirao selected as the chairman !

On April 26,2000 Imabari Jazz Town Executive Committee has elected Mr.Shirou Hirao as the chairman to the Committee with the full votes. The first meeting of the Committee also has recognized the constitution of the Committee and other several members acting the respective duties.
Mr.Shirou Hirao has been the leader of the SwingKiss Jazz Orchestra during these 10 years long, and the only one Jazz Orchestra in Imabari City. He has expressed the hope as to establish Jazz music movement by the movement by citizen themselves not by the big company or any other commercial oraganizations. All members of the Committee had supported his thought and practise to continue Jazz music movement by citizenship slow but steady.
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April 26

Make the base of Jazz at the 3rd Floating Port !

The City of Imabari has the planning to make a base for Jazz and music at the 3rd floating port to be opened for all citizens to do musical activities. One or two large stock houses at the port will be changed to a music center of Imabari City in the near future. And we hope it will be sure to contribute youth's cultural developing movement by music comminication.
It is true in any cities in the world, "Culture will be borne in the empty stock houses !"