Seashore named ODAGAHAMA once being famous throughout the nation in 1980s, because the balance of Environment and Development was disputed in the wider fields of policies, movements and courts.
The construction of Tomita New Port Land had been ended and the new function to trade with Asian countries has started.
But in the other hand, the sand layers of Odagahama had begun to move away from the beautiful seashore, being curved in the line of water front and the angle of inclination of seashore seems to be gradually greater than in our childhood.
The above map shows the location of Odagahama and the neighbouring seacoasts frequently seen in HAMA-NET. There are two Watergates in the middle portion of Odagahama, and the two watergates are one of the barometers to observe how the sand layers moved or not.
In the view point of sand movement, the Mouth portion of the River Tonda is also very important and also frequently seen in photos of HAMA-NET.

The southern portion of seashores, like as Karakohama, Sakurai Coast, Okiura Coast, Toragahana Coast, Ishifuro Coast and Coast of the Resort Village is also very important on this issue, because the sand is moving day and night along their long seashores.
The above map shows the northern portion of seacoasts, but in this portion we could not already find any natural seashores.
For example, Asagawa Coast once being a long beautiful seashore we had the experience of swimming or boating there in 1960s.
The Great Bridge of Kurushima and other big bridges have been opened in 1999, connecting Imabari City and Onomichi City running through the many islands in the Seto Inland Sea National Park. The third bridge directly connecting Shikoku and Honshiu will produce many merits in economy and sightseeing of Setonaikai District, but in the other hand,
nobody knows how the bridge will give any influence to the environmental factors.
HAMA-NET will continue to introduce the changes in environment
now and past by means of photos for Readers of the world to know any idea to harmonize Environment and Development.
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