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Even businessman can get on Ferrari even if there is no savings.


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Dream Ferrari was bought.
It is glad if it serves as a reference for the person for whom this site will buy Ferrari in the future.

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- Purchase record

- My Testarossa

- My Ferrari Testarossa Photo

- Reason to have chosen Testarossa

- Before getting on Testarossa

- How of Testarossa to get on

- Riding comfort of Testarossa

- Self introduction

My Ferrari





It is a Ferrari Testarossa that I own.
Details are here.

  Purchase record

Chapter 1  Looks for good Ferrari.

It was a dream to get on Ferrari that had continued for me of the super-car generation to yearn for years. The price of the Ferrari used car was noticed to see the net, and to fall though it had already become six years ago. It was thought that it depended on the mileage and maintenance of course, and there was considerably the one to cut five million, too.
That design, back shot, and V12 engine are very attractive. Then, the end goal was set as follows.

6,000,000-8,000,000 prices
Car name Ferrari Testarossa
A latter period model after age-type 89
Mileage 10,000km - 20,000km
Decoration rossokorusa
Interior decoration black leather
A fully if possible normal car

If a good thing is found, I talk on the telephone immediately.
As for the normal sticker price, the price that does not usually include many expense (fee / shipping charge / maintenance costs with a tax / the name change in a consumption tax / the car acquisition) is displayed.
The written estimate is necessary when I take the loan examination of the bank.
And I telephoned the store of the first candidate.
It was a store in Shizuoka, but decided to be able to go ahead through the story because the correspondence over the telephone of the president was good.
It is a 7,500,000 yen!
few 6,000km!

Chapter 2  The borrowing of the purchase fund
First of all, the auto loan was united to five million yen upper bound for me in the bank. It is 37000 yen a month of the repayment, and 200000 yen a bonus month for seven years. It borrows the auto loan 3.5 million yen from "APLUS", and and, here is 47000 yen a month of the repayment and 100000 yen a bonus month for five years. The car loan of APLUS was paid off at last continuing this life for five years in February, 2008 though it would cost 300000 yen only in the loan repayment at 84000 yen and the bonus month of every month. However, it is indeed severe.


Chapter 3  Automobile insurance

For two months, I finish the contract of the garage nearby after deciding the purchase and finally purchase it.I forgot to be important first.It is automobile insurance.
Anyway, only the insurance must enter well!

A few days later, I encountered my Testarossa.Because it was a very beautiful tester, I was surprised.
I am sorry that weather was bad.Because it seemed to rain surely from noon, I asked to have the president do a procedure early.And I step on the tester and return to Ehime.I was considerably tense to a left-hand drive and ran first.Acceleration was comfortable and was able to enjoy 12 cylinder sound to Nagoya when I entered the highway.I passed Nagoya, and it has begun to rain at last.
Despite what I expected, I am unlucky.In rain, I ran to Okayama.It ran without taking a rest for five hours until from 10:00 to 3:00.For SA near Seto-ohashi, I ate considerably slow lunch.
I feel very good with the meal while I watch Testarossa.It has begun to rain when I felt short-lived happiness.Across Seto-ohashi, I entered Shikoku hastily.The mileage to here is 500km!
Because high-speed runs were often found, the gasoline does not decrease as expected.
The mileage is liter 8!When I arrived at Ehime, it was past 6:00, and the first garage case in the darkness was hell.

The impression why I got on was easy to take a driving position.The clutch was considerably hard, but expected this.If the shift change steps with a clutch well, there is no problem.

Chapter 4  The Ferrari life of the wish started.

The relief is not possible even if I purchase Ferrari.2 once a year has car inspection by all means.I purchased it and inspected the beginning generally for 700,000 yen in alpha motors of Ehime immediately.I thought, and I borrowed a lot initial maintenance 1 million yen.I wake up a movement delinquent immediately and am annoyed at buying it if there is not money.It is important that the borrowing which thought about the thing of the maintenance makes a plan.I think that the expense that car inspection costs is reduced if I get it ready immediately.The car inspection amount of money of my Ferrari is a total of 200,000 yen how!It is a very peaceful sum.

Chapter 5 And the fight continue.

TFor aim in the future, it is to pay back a loan steadily.And I want to buy 512TR with Testarossa as the capital.Therefore you must always keep best condition.And I want to make the garage.
I am splendid every day if I can live while watching Ferrari in a house.

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  My Testarossa

Before an introduction of my Testarossa, I easily explain Testarossa.
Ferrari Testarossa
In October, 1984, it was announced in Paris salon.
A succeeding model of 512BBi. Because Japan had only seven of them, in 1984, I became the topic. I was divided into three sittings and, from 1984 to 1991, changed minor.
About 8,500 of them were produced. 

12 cylinders which the engine faces horizontallyDisplacement volume is 4,942cc
I did 4 valves and improved intake efficiency.
Output 390ps, maximum speed 290km/h.
The biggest characteristic is a large-sized louver of both sides that were established to cool a radiator of the door rear. The body design is pininfarina
A mirror is installed in an initial model model until 1986 at the position where the A pillar is high in only a driver's seat side. In the model after 1987, a mirror fell down to the base part of the pillar, and it was set in right and left. The wheel is changed in 5 stud bolts type in the model for the first half year that was a center lock type, a middle model in the latter period.
The engine management system was K JETRO Nic made by a bosh in the model in the first half year.
I changed it after the middle model in KE JETRO Nic made by a bosh of the development type, and an accelerator response largely improved.
The name called Testarossa comes from 250 Testarossa of 1960's or 500 Testarossa.
The cam cover is painted red likewise.
As for the tester, as for "the head", the rosser, "is red" in Italian; Testarossa called "a red head" is meant.

My Testarossa is ...
It is a model in the latter period of 1991.
The tire is five bolting not a center lock.
As for the painting, a red (rossokorusa) seat is black the body.
A muffler is a muffler of the products made in Germany.
The current mileage is 14,900km
I did the glass coating of the body after the purchase.


My Ferrari Testarossa Photo

Another photo here

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  Reason to have chosen Testarossa

Testarossa is a succeeding model of "Ferrari 512BB". I think that it is a car like Ferrari most.
I wanted "512TR" to tell the true intention. However, it was about time when I did it more than 10 million yen even if cheap. Testarossa was considerably cheaper. And I wanted to get while hearing the sound of 12 cylinders behind. I think that the design of Testarossa is splendid. I am attractive now even if I look. I leave it in the parking lot of the highway and the parking lot of the roadside station, and there are few a lot of people in the knob riru car with a photograph.
However, Testarossa is the one of them.

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  Before getting on Testarossa

This becomes the stage before getting into Testarossa.
It is to make the parking bay of Testarossa a garage with a shutter with the roof.
Of course I am the best if there is a garage in the home.
When you are not so, you must keep it in the place that rain / wind / theft / mischief can certainly prevent.
My garage is 12,000 yen for one month.
In addition, let's take out an automobile physical damage insurance by all means.
It is the insurance that is guaranteed in the own loss accident.
Because it is considerably high even if small even if the part of Ferrari is old, let's enter even if a premium is high.
It looks into the ground under the body to have to be scarcely careful before getting into Testarossa, and it is what a liquid kind cannot leak, or it confirms.
It is the splendid appearance, but it is an old car for 20 years.
I will think that a tube and the packing considerably ache.
I feel sad, and there is the thing that I ran while leaking gasoline.
Packing of the courant else ached and has leaked water.
I think that there were two times of oil leaks.
Anyway, I get down on a knee once and the ground does not have a stain or will check it before getting.
Testarossa thinks that there are many people moving it on a holiday not a car to get into every day.
I have put it in the garage at the best for three months, and I am covered with dust in the garage with the roof.
I wash a car, and let's step on Ferrari.
May I get on a rainy day?
There are not many people stepping on Ferrari on a rainy day.
No, it is rare.
The reason is because there are many people avoiding that Testarossa in particular becomes in the shape of a halftone plate in order that an engine hood of the rear misses heat, and rain enters there.
So I think that there are few people stepping on Ferrari on a rainy day.
However, actually I do not seem to have any problem when I confirm it towards a dealer even if I get on a rainy day.
I put a kill switch of the battery.
A kill switch is an original switch supplying electricity to a car from battery.
In the case of Testarossa, it is the round switch which it opens a front hood, and there is in the right corner seeing from a driver's seat.
I do not use the useless electricity when I cut this.
When I turn on a kill switch and do not get for one month, 100% battery is dead.
I need considerable electricity just to move 12 cylinders.
Naturally the V-twelve does not work at all.

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  How of Testarossa to get on

Ferrari is a very delicate car.
Because an element as the racing car is strong, the reason is because the consumption of the part is early in comparison with the other cars.
So it is necessary to mind control enough.
At first it is to put driving positions together precisely at the position that oneself had.
As the standard, have the stepping forward of the clutch enough!
When the stepping forward of the clutch cannot keep strong, I cause the trouble of the gear.
It is said that Gere of Ferrari is hard to enter, but is all right if the stepping forward of the clutch is done.
The clutch is very heavy.
If a driving position is decided, an engine starts.
I do not need the genial climate driving in the summertime.
In the winter, genial climate driving for approximately ten minutes is necessary.
When an engine does not warm enough, it may be stalled.
Starting running is slow.
I will tie a gear surely.
When I stop with a signal and restart, it is stalled by all means when I step on a clutch sloppily.
I start late more greatly than other cars, but I step on a clutch slowly patiently and will take off.
When I put it in reverse, there is a ceremony of old Ferrari.
At a position of the neutral of reverse this side, I push a lever right below and can be in the reverse (R) afterwards.
A gear is not in the back when I do not know this and cannot go back.
The parking brake does unique how to put in.
The parking brake comes with the left of the driver's seat.
I give it so that it is not disturbed when a driver gets off a car while pushing the button sticking earlier of the brake lever and I get it and lower it.
Because the body is big, and there is not the power steering when I go back with a garage case, it is work very much.
However, in an absolute of the steering wheel finish laying it, and must not do (turning the steering wheel without moving a car).
A steering breaks down when I do not really turn the steering wheel while moving a car.

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  Riding comfort of Testarossa

I am low, but, as for Testarossa, as for the amount of car, as for nearly 2m, there is width with 1,130m.
So the ride comfort seems to board a large-sized cruiser when I run on the highway.
The suspension is ken medesu.
I can feel vibration to some extent, but there is depth as I let you forget such a thing for a run of Testarossa.
However, I considerably lay emphasis at every curve and must handle it when you run in the general highway.
In addition, it is stalled by all means when I stop with a signal and restart when I do the filler of the clutch sloppily.
A high-pitched tone such as the F1 sometimes comes out.
It is hard to look at the right rear in comparison with the common car, and, however, the right sideview mirror can clear this problem in a rearview mirror and a thing using together.
When I run on the Japanese way, let's lie in the right rear carefully in particular.

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   Self introduction

I have my site come, and thank you.
I say kajukun.
It is 43 years old.
I took the "machine falcon" "hawk of the grand prix" small by animated cartoons well.
I read "wolves of the circuits" by comics well.
I had a crush on "Mario Andretti" "Niki Lauda" with the F1.
The car which I liked most "is Ferrari 512BB" in those days.
I am not interested in oneself doing a race and running fast.
I own a car while suffering and feel joy in running although being a pleasure.
Probably the car does not buy Ferrari Testarossa and golf GTI.
The car is the end in this.
Purchase Ferrari; and seven years
Purchase GTI; and four years
I was very hard every month for four years when these two payment occurred at the same time.
I intended to part with Ferrari many times.
But I was able to come over somehow until today.
Strangely, I am not sorry at all though I maintain it while feeling so painful.
I tame these two of them carefully from now on.
Thanking you in advance.

Goals of the site
I make it mainly on maintenance / management / usage of Testarossa judging from the viewpoint of the owner.
I aim at the site where I can offer useful information to for Ferrari fan.

Demand and opinion to site
Please teach a place hard to find, a wrong matter.
In addition, I am glad when a doubt question and the advice can have how "about toka which such "a thing wants to know" when I do it this way".
I ask to an email or a bulletin board.

Mutual link
I link mutually and raise it. I ask to an email or a bulletin board. Because our site is link-free, please link freely. The site infos are as follows.
The site name
kajukunno Ferrari life
An introduction sentence
It is the Ferrari Testarossa maintenance diary of a common office worker.

Manager kajukun
Age 43 years old
A habitat
The Toyo, Ehime district present is Tokushima prefecture north area temporarily
A car journey
It is a starlet from 23 years old to 26 years old
It is a gym knee from 27 years old to 35 years old
It is gym knee, Testarossa from 36 years old to 39 years old
It is Testarossa, GTI from 40 years old to 43 years old
A hobby
A drive, a karaoke, a hot spring, sports
A favorite writer
Haruki Murakami
Music to listen to well
Miss till, beads
Favorite food
Sanuki udon, side, fried pork cutlet, how much bowl.
Because I have such a diet, blood pressure breaks out
Comics to read every week
naruto, onepiace
A favorite girl
Kie Tanaka (Announcer NHK Matsuyama)
Tomoyo Shibata (but I have already married, ...)
A dream
I build a house with the courtyard on a garage!
Think recently
I have become 43 at last.
I walk for health recently because some blood pressure are high.

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