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The historical Jazz Festival has been held in August of 1999 at Imabari Sea Castle commemorating the opening of The Great Bridges. World's top artists and amateur players played on the special stage of Imabari Sea Castle ground contributing to Duke Ellington's centennial commemoration with audience of more than 3000 people. This summer town of Imabari had been so hot to celebrate centennial anniversary of Duke Ellington and the opening of Great Bridges.
We want to inherit this great historical events to continue Jazz Festival every year at the Imabari Sea Castle. With the symbol mark of blue colour of Sea and white colour of Castle, we also have a dream for Imabari City being one of the leading Jazz Festival cities in the world in the near future.
In order to realize this historical heritage, citizens and local government should cooperate with each other for the common purposes. So we want to set up
Imabari Jazz Association for the common purposes to activate our town by music entertainment. We are awaiting for any message or opinions from citizens who loving music and jazz to inform or advice us.
Let the young and old, male and female people loving music and jazz join our circle for heartful communication !

Symbol mark
Symbol mark is the Imabari Sea Castle itself, because the Castle is one of the oldest sea castles in the world.

To inform on this problem please fulfil the communicatin column on this web site or directly phone to the Eventing staffs(Tel0898-36-1515) of Imabari City Office. Thank you.

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