Kyoto Opera 京都オペラ






Japanese Traditional Music

Japanese Opera in Pentatonica

Black Key Scale Pentatonica

From Kyoto to Athene

Nou is an opera ?

Water Birds in Heaven Lake

Could song save this nation ?

Opera Trio

My Old Capital in Saddness

Poetry and Music

Shakespere's Drama

La Serva Padrona

Ikuma Dan Yiuzuru

Song of Autumn Worms(1)

The Rose of Versailles (1) (2)

The Recovery of Basso Continuo

Taiheiki and Sangokushi

Asonia ed Intersonia

Composing Recitativo for Opera

Marathon listening to Mozarts Werke

Tempo Infinito

Real Time Composition

Commemorating the 100th forum

Tempo Control in Composition

Le Nozze di Figaro

Cosi Fan Tutte (3)  (4)

Don Giovanni (1)  (2)

Die Zauberfloete

Idomeneo Re di Creta

Orfeo ed Euridice

Il Ritorno D'Ulisse in Patria

L'Incoronazione di Poppea

Die Csardas fuerstin

Mozart and Weber

Tempo Sporadico

Music and Sports

Karajan und Menuhin von Mozart

Tempo in Mozart's Music

Die Entfuehrung aus dem Serail

Silk Road Rhapsody No.3

Madama Butterfly

The West Side Story

Andrea Shenier

Welcome the 21st Century

Kurobune by K. Yamada

Mozart Effects

From Wien to Kyoto

Song of Autumn Worms(2)

B flat minor

Soprano Continuo

Song of Autumn Worms(3)

The Age of DTM is coming

Imagination and Inspiration

Acoustic Sense of Woman

The Improvisational Poet

Space and Time

Opera Lyrica Kyotienna

Acoustic Tolerance Test 1000

The Purple Flower

Foget not songs !

Acoustic Tolerance Test 1000(2)


Composition in the brain fields

Pentatonic Scale in Non-Equal Temp

A Running Tortoise

Modulation and Transformation

Harmony and Percussion

Music of Tibet Buddhism

Report on the New Scale

100th Anniversary of Rentarou Taki

What is music ?

Rentarou Taki All Works

Colour and Tone

Music Scales

Japanese Opera in Non-Equal Pentatonica

The Four Great Musical Arts of Kyoto

Liaison Music

On Stage

Story of the Three Kingdoms

Composer and Poet

Non-Equal Temperament Dodecatonica

Mecca of Kyoto Opera

Departure in the Heavy Fog

Space and Time(2)

Language and Music

Non-Linear Music

Signal and Noise

Pentatonic Approach to MusicTherapy

Dan Ikuma: "Luminous Moss"

Music of the Yunnan Province

High and Low Deviated Temperament

Melody and Harmony

Music of the Yunnan Province 2

Concert of elephant and bat

Bell-ring concerto

Music Town Broadcasting

New Opera from Kyoto

Libretto and Composition

Elegia Kyotienna

Concertino for Drama in Musica

Music and Language

Formula di Cadenza

Live Communication

Drama in Musica

Sea and River


Libretto, Composition, Direction

Ise Song Story

Classical school to Romantic school

New Year Concert 2003

Paradox of modern music

Makizou Nakagawa

Emmanuel Metter

Forget not your intention

Music as art of performance

Not to perform without listening

Return to natural temperament

Tempo control of Darama Musica

New opera in modern Kyotienna

5-7 tones and 4-8 tones

"Thema und Variationen "

What is meta-composition ?

Bravo Larghetto !




Hirollina Suite 101

Hirollina Suite 102

Elegia Kyotienna

New Opera Q&A

Hirollina Suite 102 audio

music forum

Kyoto Memorial Album

Elegia Kyotienna audio

Kyoto Opera Location Album

Vertual Concert of
pera Lyrica Horistic
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