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History of Dogo Hot Spring

About 20,000 years ago

People started to live in Matsuyama Plain.

300 B.C.

Farming started. Copper swards and metal instruments were introduced.


People started settling down in Matsuyama in fullscale.

300 A.C.

Small communities continuly grew to larger villages.

Mid. 4th century

The Yamato court started to influence this area.


Shotoku Taishi visited at Dogo Hot Spring and built a monument of his visit.


The Emperor **** visited Dogo Hot Spring.(According to Nihon-shoki, Japanese historiography)

661, January 14

The Emperor Saimei visited Dogo. Nukatanooukimi composed a famous poem, Nigitatsu.

Early 8th century

13 counteis in the land of Iyo were made (pop. approx.100,000 )


Kukai traveled to China and learned Buddhism. After his return, he founded Shingon Sect.


"Genji-monogatari, Tale of Genji" was written by Muraskishikibu and the name of Iyo was introduced. -> See,"Iyo-no-yugeta"

1239, February 15

Ippen, a buddist monk, beloved charismatic who founded the ji sect, was born on February 15th,1239 in Dogo, Matsuyama.


Ippen, founded Ji Sect.


Michiari Kono , the chief of the land of iyo, faught against the Mongolian's invasion to Japan.


Ippen, wrote a Buddhist prayer, "Namuamidabutsu", on the spout of Dogo Hot Spring by a request of Michiari Kono.


Michimori Kono built Yuzuki Castle and set up his headquarters. After this, Dogo area became the center of politics, economy and culture for the land of Iyo.


Yoshiakira Kato started building Matsuyama Castle in 1603.


The earthquake stopped Hot spring on October 25, 1614.


Sadayuki Matsudaira the load of Kuwana (Mie Pref.), was ordered to be the head of the Matsuyama clan, with a revenue of 150,000 koku (bale of rice). He started enriching the facilities for Dogo Hot Spring next year.

He divided the hot spring into 4 sections, social class for samurai warriors, Buddist priests, common women and men. He made three other hot spring bathes, jugosenyu(15 cents bath), jussenyu(10 cents bath), yojyouyu (Recuperathion bath) and also a riding ground in the lower reaches of Dogo hot spring.

1795, February 1.

Issa Kobayashi, a famous haiku poet in Japan, visited Dogo Hot Spring twice in 1795 and 1797. And he left a poem .


" Lying down
After bathing in the open air
A butterfly settled on me"

There are not much hot springs in Chugoku and Shikoku area, so we can tell how much Issa appreciated visiting Dogo hot spring from this haiku poem.


Jippensha Ikku painted how things stand in Dogo in his travel book.

1894 APR 1

Main building of Dogo hot spring was rebuilt and become 3 storied building.

1895 OCT 6

Shiki Masaoka and Soseki Natsume took bath.

1896 Feb.-Mar.

Souseki Natsume & Kyoshi Takahama visited Dogo Hot Spring together.

(From Kyoshi's book "Souseki and I." )

1899 November 20.

Tamanoyu, Yushinden were newly built.

1903 October

The Taisho Emperor visited Ehime, and used the Dogo Hot Spring. (Kainan News Paper)


Russian prisoner of war from the Russo-Japanese war(1904-1905) also took a bath in Dogo(from a journal of Dogo Yunomachi town hall) 1905.

1909, Mar.24

Hirobumi Ito came to Matsuyama and took a bath.

1922 November 22

Prince Hirohito came to Matsuyama for the army's special exercise and took a bath in Dogo.

1945 October 11

Advance troops of the U.S.A came in Matsuyama, occupied Tamanoyu , a part Kaminoyu Dogo public hall.

1949 November

American Army returned Tamanoyu.

MAR 19 1950

The Emperor Showa visited Ehime and he took a bath at Dogo hotspring. The Old Yugama, the spout of the spring, moved from Shinrokaku to the Dogo park and called it as "YUGAMA YAKUSHI" by everyone.

1954, Nov.24

The Yugama which moved to Dogo park was designated as an important cultural asset by Ehime Prefecture.

Refference; "Histotry of Dogo Honkan Building,1994" published by Committee of Dogo Hot Spring History, "History of Matsuyama City" from Matsuyama City Website at <>

Pictures and Words are copyrighted by Matsuyama City Office.
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Dogo Hot Spring


Russians in Matsuyama

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